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Customized Solutions

Finding What Works Best for You

Improve Back Pain

Transform Your Journey

Discover Pain-Free Living:


Uncover a path to relief without the need for drugs or surgery. Let us guide you back to the activities you love, kickstarting your journey to complete recovery.

Revitalize Your Movement and Strength:


Join us on a journey to enhance your recovery, reducing the frequency and intensity of pain or injury. Rediscover your body's resilience and embrace a life of increased functionality.

Thrive Year-Round with Personalized Care:


Explore affordable and effective care that supports your health and performance throughout the year. Our patient-centric approach caters to every aspect of your unique journey, creating a foundation for an active life.


How many appointments will I have?


The number of appointments you will need will be based on your individual case. Most patients experience positive changes at the first visit. 


What can I expect from getting care with you?


My patients receive thorough exams and personalized care plans. I focus on finding why they feel the way they feel, how to get them to their goals, and doing so in the least amount of time possible. Long-term, pre-paid care plans costing thousands of dollars aren't my jam.


Are you going to "pop" me?


I am well-versed in traditional chiropractic techniques, as well as multiple alternative adjusting techniques. No matter your body type or preference, I can help you get to your best function.


Is it safe?


Chiropractic Adjusting is safe for the vast majority of people who want it. I perform a thorough exam to rule out any potential issues to make sure that it is safe for you to get the care that will help you succeed.

Providing you with the care you need to be your best.

Dr. Whit Voss

Dr. Whit Voss

I am a passionate provider who loves teaching my patients about all the things that can help them succeed. As someone who worked in the corporate retail world for 15 years, I know the frustrating struggles of pain and performance from management and employee perspectives. My unique approach of education and patient empowerment has helped my patients find fast relief and sustainable management of conditions they have endured for days, months, or even years. My focus is to educate, engage, and empower those in the community to not only feel better, but live a happier, healthier, higher quality of life.


Dr. Whit helps his patients achieve their goals through chiropractic adjusting, soft tissue modalities, and incorporates nutritional and lifestyle changes for optimal results. When not with his patients, Dr. Whit enjoys spending time with his family, being active in the community around Alameda, and speaking locally about chiropractic, ergonomics, and overall health and well-being.

Certifications and Additional Training

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) - 2020

Webster Method for Pregnancy Care - 2022

Motion Palpation Institute Spine Assessment and Treatment - 2022

Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS I) -2022

Motion Palpation Institute Lower Body Integrated Care - 2023

Select Functional Movement Assessment Certified (SFMA) - 2023/24

McKenzie Diagnosis and Treatment of the Lumbar Spine (MDT) - 2023

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