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Dr. Whit happily checking someone's spine health while they lay face down

Chiropractic Care

Pain Relief without Drugs and Surgery

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Resilience for Your Future

Chiropractic Care with us includes assessment, adjustments, soft tissue work, and active care like rehabilitative exercises and stretching. 


Comprehensive care means that you not only get relief from what you are dealing with, but the support you need to continue to be active, engaged, and build resilience for years to come.

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Your First Visit

Your Initial visit will include: 

  • A Review of your pertinent Health History

  • A Physical Exam

  • A Movement Assessment

  • Necessary Orthopedic and Neurological Testing

  • Chiropractic Adjusting and Soft Tissue/Muscle Work as indicated

  • Recommendations for the initial phase of your care plan

At your first follow-up appointment, we will review your exam findings, treatment plan recommendations, and any other necessary recommendations which can help you improve quickly. You are always free to ask questions or bring up concerns regarding the recommendations I have for you. 

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